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Redo Your Deck with Budget-Friendly Finds from Goodwill!

The Ballard bungalow that Scott Rondeau shares with his beloved dogs was just about perfect - but there was one area that was bare!

"We moved in here about a year ago and we really do love this house," said Rondeau. "And we love living in this neighborhood. But the deck is boring!"

Rondeau dreamed of a place where he could hang out and read a book, a place for the dogs to come out.

"It would be great to have a company come over and entertain," he added.

But with a few finds from Seattle Goodwill, he was covered. With a budget of just $300, DIY guy Gary Foy scoured the aisles of Seattle Goodwill to find everything he needed for Rondeau's two-story deck.

With his finds in hand, Foy headed back to the house with s'mores paraphernalia, planters, flowers - you name it.

After decorating both the top and bottom deck, it was time for the big reveal.

"Oh my god, that's amazing!" Needless to say, Rondeau and his pups were shocked. "This is all from Goodwill?!"

Yes, yes it is.

Foy shared some secrets while savoring some s'mores...

"You have some sale days and we have regular price days," he explained. "So I got a little bit of both - though I got some sale stuff and some regular stuff to stretch your dollar. You're saving money and your getting cool stuff."

Ready to re-do your deck? Head to Goodwill for some great ideas!