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Zerorez offers a safe alternative solution to carpet, hardwood and furniture cleaning using its patented "Powered Water" cleaning system.

One good thing about the snow? It's an excuse to get your carpets cleaned!

As we dig out from last week's snowpocalypse, you might have noticed a few new spots on the carpet from muddy feet. Or maybe your pets didn't think going outside in a foot of snow was exactly the most fun idea they'd ever heard of.

Whatever the case, getting your home back to clean is a top priority on everyone's "to-do" list in the coming days. Unfortunately, traditional carpet and floor cleaners bring with them a whole slew of toxic chemicals and detergents. Wondering how you can get your home back to squeaky clean for without the all the toxins? Well this Puget Sound-based company has got a beyond green solution for you.

Zerorez offers a safe alternative solution to carpet, hardwood and furniture cleaning using its patented "Powered Water" cleaning system. This system doesn't use any harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, or detergents—but that doesn't mean sacrificing effectiveness or cleanliness. In fact, the "Powered Water" cleaning system is more effective than chemical-based cleansing systems.

How, you ask? Chemical-based processes that can involve toxic cleaning detergents leave at least 30 percent of solvents on the finished carpet, which in turn dry up and produce that stiff, crunchy-feeling carpet. The left-behind residue attracts new dirt and debris like a magnet, which means your newly cleaned carpet and furniture get soiled again in no time.

The revolutionary technology of Zerorez utilizes their scientifically-developed "Powered Water" to lift all stains, spots, and debris in a safe, environmentally-friendly way.

First, they apply a citrus pre-treatment to your carpet that loosens embedded dirt and oils from the carpet fibers. Then they use a rotating brush to bring up all the pet fur, embedded soils, and other contaminants that get easily trapped at the bottom of the carpet that even your vacuum can't reach. Finally, they pass their custom extraction wand over the area and use Powered Water to rinse and sanitize your carpet fibers. This is a godsend for allergy-sufferers! Carpets act as the largest air filter in your home, collecting allergens, pollen, dust, bacteria, and even leftover smoke and smoke particles that have infiltrated our homes. If you don't remove this stuff regularly, it can build up and jeopardize your home's overall air quality.

Zerorez cleaners work hard to lift out all this debris, and the results are astounding. Carpets are left amazingly soft, with a noticeable fresh and clean smell—no chemical scents or artificial fragrances left hovering in your house. Carpets are restored, dry quickly, and stay cleaner longer, so that you can enjoy sparkling clean carpets today that will last long past snowpocalypse and well into 2019!

Ready to get your carpets looking like new and smelling great? Zerorez is offering a special deal for Seattle Refined readers. When you mention Seattle Refined, you can get three carpeted rooms cleaned for $129, and this includes hallways and closets! Call 425-453-9376 or go to for more information.