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Looking for a new home to compliment that new 2018 version of you? If so, check out Summerwell Homes on Mercer Island!

New year, new home: Summerwell Homes offer the best buys in Seattle!

Looking for a new home to compliment that new 2018 version of you? If so, check out Summerwell Homes on Mercer Island – the 16 best houses on the market in the Seattle region.

Designed by McCullough Architects, Summerwell’s community – winner of the 2017 Tribune Award for Community of the Year - reflects a contemporary design, fashioned with clean lines, open spaces, dramatic interior lighting from sensitive window placement and an upscale palette of materials, fixtures, fits and finishes. These luxurious features, assembled by Six Walls Design, gives the homes a decidedly custom and quality feel.

SMART technology

Summerwell Homes are both eco-friendly and SMART designed. They feature wiring for a 240-volt rapid car charger (for electric cars), an interface that allows homeowners to connect to generators, power walls or solar panels, and an entire SMART center, which contains unparalleled CAT 6 wiring for all electronic or communication system needs.

Environmentally-friendly community

The community itself is something out of a dream – or something out of local landscape artist Thomas Rengstorf’s dreams, that is. His vision was to bring about a beautiful and luscious community that preserved the various landmark trees standing in its way. The result? A whopping 18 original specimen trees integrated throughout a modern community, many of which are located around the Koi Pond.

The Koi Pond, a centerpiece of the Coval gardens, sits directly over the original site of the 1913 Alexander house, which had a deep and massive concrete wine cellar as it’s foundation. The Koi Pond has been completely refurbished and enhanced with a viewing deck, as well as hundreds of tons of basalt and granite. In fact, approximately 70 percent of the original estate was salvaged and repurposed, with the Japanese-designed Shinzuka Bubinga wood truss system donated to become part of the new Mercer Island Center for the Arts.

A remarkable neighborhood

The landscape design at Summerwell facilitates opportunities for neighbors to connect without compromising the privacy of each home. A landscape buffer and greenbelt surround the entire five-acre community, and the upper Luther Burbank Park can be entered by simply walking across the street.

Seven of the 16 available homes have already sold, and there is currently one home available for immediate occupancy (Homesite 15). And, for this month only, there is a $50,000 buyer bonus! This rare and special deal allows the eighth homeowner in Summerwell to put $50,000 towards upgrades for Homesite 15*.

All of the available homes are expected to be ready to occupy between June 2018 and February 2019, so why wait and risk losing out? Visit for more information on how you can get ahead of the crowd and jump on this incredible opportunity to make the best decision of your entire life.

* Buyer must be in contract on or before 01/31/2018 in order to be eligible! Program applies ONLY to homesite 15 at Summerwell. Does not apply to any other homesites. For Buyer Bonus details, visit