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Common and their partnership with developer Anew Apartments are offering two buildings – the 112-room Common Terry in Capitol Hill and the 49-room Common Summit in First Hill (Image courtesy of Common).

Seattle becomes 5th market in U.S. to offer upscale 'co-living' apartments

Picture this.

Moving into a fully-furnished apartment (by the very chic and always on-trend West Elm or Restoration Hardware) that has a private bathroom as well as kitchenette but ALSO has beautiful, modern and fully stocked kitchens and living rooms that act as a community gathering space for you and your neighbors?!

Sounds too good to be true right? WRONG.

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Common, the leader in co-living that is dedicated to managing homes offering convenience and community, announced it’s Seattle expansion - the 112-room Common Terry in First Hill and the 49-room Common Summit in Capitol Hill.

The Seattle expansions marks the company’s fifth market following New York, San Fran Bay Area, Chicago, and Washington D.C.

The concept is pretty rad. As a young 20-something, moving into an apartment that is fully furnished sounds like a dream come true. You could literally bring only a few suitcase with personal belongings and have furniture ready to go. Imagine how simple moving would be?!

What sets Common apart is that you have these private and trendy apartments, but with the co-living spaces such as the kitchens and the living rooms, it allows tenants to meet their neighbors and hang out, cook, or ~play~ in the community spaces.

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So let’s break down the features:

  • Private bedroom. Each tenant will have a private bathroom, furnished with a nightstand, lamp, and comfy bed.
  • High end kitchen. Every kitchen at Common is fitted with high-end appliances, dishware and other essentials.
  • Weekly cleaning. Once a week a professional team cleans the shared spaces including the kitchens, living rooms, and shared bathrooms.
  • Basic supplies. Common will stock the kitchens with household staples like pots, pans, dishes, paper towels, salt, pepper, olive oil, soap, etc.
  • Easy transfers. If you’re looking to transfer to another room or home within the Common community, simply put in the request.
  • Free high speed WiFi. Homes are optimized for high-speed, commercial grade WiFi, and is no additional cost.
  • Property services. Common has a property service team that makes sure the homes are in tip-top shape. They will respond to all maintenance requests in 24 hours.

As Common is built on this whole coliving trend they focus on building community.

  • Since they have several places in the states, as a member of Common, you have access to the whole community. Whether you are on the east or west coast, you have access to the building.
  • Common has a Slack account where members can engage and coordinate plans with each other.
  • Every Common home has community spaces that are perfect for potluck meals, a movie night, or a book club.

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I am already trying to figure out a way to live in one of these apartments. Learn more about Common and check out some of the apartments here!