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Mill Creek realtor twins debut on HGTV's 'Unsellable Houses'

Have you ever dreamed of building a successful business with your sibling by your side?

Well, that’s exactly what Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis have been doing in the Pacific Northwest since 2009. And not only are they sisters, they’re twins!

Davis and Lamb are top-selling real estate agents in the Pacific Northwest and soon-to-be stars of HGTV’s new series, "Unsellable Houses". On the show, the twins attack homes that have been sitting on the market.

Literally - with sledgehammers and paint - the twins, who combined have expertise in home renovation, design, staging, budgets, and negotiations, turn previously unsellable houses into market top picks. This dynamic duo comes to the rescue of sellers who are languishing in the stress of selling their home and facilitate near miracles!

Why are sellers eager to partner with Mill Creek’s Lamb Real Estate? Well, the average real estate agent sells 5-8 homes each year. Davis and Lamb sell 170. One hundred and seventy! Now if that isn’t a dose of sister magic, I don’t know what is! The key to their powerhouse performance lies in their ability to see beyond a home’s dated accents, poor paint color choices, and lackluster yards. They identify what needs to change and then they make it happen.

When attacking an unsellable home, the twins put in their own money to make necessary changes. They are THAT confident in their ability to sell properties that have been sitting on the market. Their vision for home makeovers attracts buyers who had previously overlooked a house and in the end, the sellers consider Lyndsay and Leslie their saviors while the buyers land themselves a gem of a new residence.

Throughout Snohomish County, desperate sellers are finding that this dynamic duo are just what they need to sell their home and HGTV is documenting the journey. On March 17th, "Unsellable Houses" will debut and there is no doubt in my mind that you’ll fall in love with the dduo as they buzz around in their iconic VW bus chanting “twin win”.

The twins say “when your home isn’t selling, you just need a professional to come in and tell you why." And that’s exactly what Davis and Lamb are - get-it-done professionals who tell it like it is and make the sale happen; often for above list price.

In a given lifetime, you and I might buy/sell a few houses, but with 170 in just one year under their belt, it’s no wonder they are the professionals that owners of unsellable houses need.

The before and afters on "Unsellable Houses" will make you grin ear to ear, and the sister’s vivacious banter will have you laughing out loud. The stories the show captures are both transformational and beautiful, but it’s not just houses that the twins are transforming. The people who are selling and buying are impacted too. Sellers are being gifted a home sale outcome they could have only dreamed of and the buyers are given the opportunity to begin anew in an updated, stylish home. If that isn’t enough, a portion of every home sale is donated to Seattle Children’s Hospital.

In true HGTV style, "Unsellable Houses" will leave you eager for the next episode. And, of course, falling in love and cheering for our local celebrities, Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis.

"Unsellable Houses" debuts on HGTV on March 17, 2020.