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This is an example of MakrBox's 'Classic' Box, which has 2-3 items and costs $29 per month. (Image: MakrBox)

Meet your [local] Makr

Two and a half years ago Barrett McBride graduated architecture school at the University of Washington, and - like many at the time - had a hard time finding a job. He loved the art of making things, and wanted to be part of a company who celebrated those makers.

Thus the idea for MakrBox was born, although it wasn't until McBride teamed up with Jackie Gow and Dustin McBride that it was able to fully take off in June of last year.

MakrBox is a monthly sampling of 2-3 local, eco-friendly, and handmade items delivered directly to your door. Whether that be organic mustard, apothecary lip moisturizer, or repurposed notepads, MakrBox exists to provide the highest quality, Pacific Northwest grown items for people.

"Our end goal is to replace every item in the grocery store with up-cycled, eco-friendly and local products," said Gow. "Obviously we have a ways to go, but that is the dream."

MakrBox has strict rules about the makers they include in their subscriptions. They must source from the Pacific Northwest, and there must be an eco/natural element. Otherwise, it's not a match.

"Right now we have over 400 customers," said Gow. "Not bad for less than a year of business!"

MakrBox offers three options, the Minimalist box for $14 a month, Classic for $29, and Maven for $59. The Minimalist and Classic offer consumable goods, while Maven has artisan products with no expiration date.

"At the end of the day, everyone's lives are better with higher quality products," says Gow.

This may be the perfect gift for the person who "has everything" because I can promise you, they most likely do not have a hand sewn, fiber reactive small batch tea towel made with non-toxic dye. Check out MakrBox for yourself, or as a gift, here.