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The 3,962 square foot Eastgate home is a 5 bedroom, 4.5 bath and was flipped by MN Custom Homes. (Image courtesy of MN Custom Homes).

This Bellevue home just sold for $2,075,000 - and all of the profits are going to charity

MN Custom Homes builds and sells homes like any ordinary construction company, but this month they wanted to do things a little differently.

They built and sold a home like they normally do, but this time? All the profits from that home are going to charity.

Yeah – you read that right. All profits from this Bellevue home (roughly $300,000) will be donated to Jubilee REACH, a local charity that steps in as the gap for those who are in need around Bellevue, providing access to assistance programs and services focused on growing community and empowering our youth.

MN Custom homes wanted to give back in a truly meaningful way – and not just by putting their name on a park and calling it good.

“Ultimately [this project] is a call to action,” said Ben Brittingham, the VP of Sales and Marketing at MN Custom Homes. “What is our legacy beyond our involvement? We want to call upon other companies that are 10, 20 times bigger than us to do the same. That’s our call to action to community members and businesses.”

All of this was made possible with the help of 17 other local companies and businesses that compiled an extra $70,000 in additional profits, so they could give 100 percent of the profits went to Jubilee Reach.

In the final analysis, nearly $300,000 is going to Jubilee Reach. Those are the total profits of the home once taxes and other fees were paid. The profits on this house were higher than usual, because of the donated time and services from those 17 amazing companies.

“We believe that businesses should have a major impact in reaching the needs of our community. We’ve found an amazing partner in Jubilee REACH who shares our vision and is already connected with schools and community members in need," said Brittingham. "Our challenge to other Eastside businesses is to find a meaningful and impactful way to give back to our community, whether through Jubilee REACH or another amazing origination.”

Moreover, the home itself has a history of giving back to the community.

It was originally owned by a WWII veteran who became friends with the neighbors a few houses down. When he passed away he bequeathed the house to his befriended neighbors and when those folks decided to put the home on the market – it became the home that MN Custom Homes remodeled and are now donating profits to charity.

“You could say that the home is now giving back twice,” said Brittingham.

What a great story, eh? Learn more about MN Custom Homes, Jubilee Reach, and visit the home's website.

We would also like to give a quick shout out to all the 17 local companies who donated their time and services to make this possible!

Terrane, Behnke and Sons, Valley Construction Supply, Cadman, Ralph's Concrete Plumbing, Uresco, Grove Window Supply, COEUR D'ALENE, America First Roofing, America First Siding, Fireside - Garage Doors, LGH Electric, Southern Heat, Thrifty Supply, Fireside - Fireplace, Summit Drywall, Foundation Building Materials, Emerald City Cabinetry, BMC Millwork Supply, Courtesy Glass, Albert Lee, Miller Brothers Landscaping, J Lux, Nobel Interiors, Closet Creations, Global Granite, Seattle Lighting, NWG/Compass and Cascadia Fire Pro.