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Seattle Refined's Managing Editor, Britt Thorson, got a brand-new air conditioner from Black Lion!

It's OK to live in Seattle and get AC (In fact, we encourage it!)

Seattle has great air (thanks to those Cascades and our lovely conifers) and it's generally cool until mid-summer so people will sweat it out, grit their teeth, plug in whatever fans were left from Target or the hardware store, etc. and wait for it to cool off again. Maybe set up a kiddie pool much to the chagrin of their neighbors/HOA.

We do what we have to, to stay cool, all right? So why is it that so many Seattleites shy away from getting air conditioning? Because they think it's an unnecessary luxury? It's not needed? It will sit useless for nine months a year? It's expensive?

If you haven't kept up-to-date on your A.C. technological advances, Black Lion Heating and Air Conditioning has. Consider these perks:

Safety. Important if you have first floor windows – a ductless AC unit allows you to lock up tight and go to sleep with the peace of mind that your home and family are protected. (Bonus, no need to dust all the time since the windows are closed when you use AC!)

Sleep. Speaking of sleep, colder temperatures mean better sleep quality. We don't know anyone who sleeps too well/too much.

Pets. Pet owners let their furry friend influence their car and living spaces, they should probably know that the A.C. will benefit their fur child all summer, too.

Health/Air Quality. We *normally* have great air in the PNW but the last couple summers, wildfire smoke from neighboring areas has become a serious problem. Especially if you have allergies or asthma. Last August, the resulting air quality was described as "smoking a pack a day". And if you want to close the windows at home to avoid it, you will croak in the heat. Air conditioning purifies the air NO MATTER THE SEASON. It's a warm/cold weather solution for cooling and heating. As long as you take care of the unit and clean the filters, it will give you healthier air at home. And humans take 23,000 breaths a day so it's wise to consider what goes in and out of your lungs when you're at home and can really influence it.

Cost Savings. People assume that running an A.C. all summer is really expensive. Ductless units are very efficient and if you keep it in tip-top shape (clean with all the vents clear and no debris around the unit) and do your seasonal maintenance, it will often be a lower energy bill for cooling and for heating in the winters.

Comfort. Last but certainly NOT least, that feeling of walking into an air-conditioned home after a long, warm day. Everyone knows it's glorious but they don't know it's attainable even if you don't have ductwork throughout your house. And the temperature, like most things in life, can be controlled by an app on your phone.

Convinced yet? Just to sweeten this cool deal, Black Lion Heating and Air Conditioning has a special offer for you! Mention 'Seattle Refined' when you book your A.C. appointment, and get $250 off installation!

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