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The three expansive levels of patios are the perfect place for family gatherings or lavish entertaining, all in the privacy that nature and thoughtful landscaping has provided. (Image: Joshua Lewis / Seattle Refined)

Inside a South Seattle stunner

There are houses, and then there are works of art. We took a peek inside Realogics Sotheby's 10,000+ square foot Lakehaven home on the shores of Lake Washington.

Sitting on 2.3 acres of land in the greater Seward Park area, this fully secured $9.48 million home has over 130 feet of private waterfront that boasts the biggest dock on the lake (yup - including the Allen and Gates' properties!), fondly referred to by locals as The Queen Mary Dock. The Queen is only one of three docks in the house's backyard, and large enough to moor a 100 foot yacht. Steps away is a charming cabana guesthouse right up against the water, with glass walls facing what is an amazing view of Mt. Rainier when she's out.

The house itself has seven bedrooms, a home gym, theatre and four car garage. Accessible only by boat or private road, it's easy to forget you're so close to a city center.

The house is not only beautiful, it's smart. Specifically, almost all the electronics and utilities can be controlled by remote iPad or iPhone apps. Touching down at SeaTac and want the pool heated when you get home? Easy peasy.

How about having the guys over for a movie night? The house's "man cave" aka TV room has a large projector-style screen you can watch on, with automated blinds coming down to black out the room for optimum viewing pleasure.

It's hard to decide what's more impressive; the indoor or outdoor aspect of this house. Perhaps we're biased as we toured it on a beautiful sunny Seattle morning, with Mt. Rainier beaming at us from the back lawn of the predominantly east facing house. The indoor pool has five sets of double doors which can be opened on a nice day out to the lawn and sport court, as does the waterfront glass cabana.

Stay with us a minute while we picture the ultimate pool party - people lounging on the patio and deck, others splashing around in the pool, some working up a sweat on the sport court, and drinks being served out of the cabana.

Alright, now that we've set up the perfect summer party, how do we get ourselves invited to it?

Here are more of our favorite features:

  • Four built-in beer taps in the kitchen (coming through a refrigerated line from kegs in the garage)
  • A 13 car motor park, in addition to the four car garage
  • Built-in BBQ on the patio
  • Kayak and water-sport storage
  • Phones, intercoms, microwaves, sinks and fridges in every room
  • Every room in the house is equipped to handle a flatscreen TV
  • A drinking fountain in the TV room
  • The master bath has a bathtub with a ceiling mounted tub fill (the tub fills up from faucets in the ceiling)
  • The opaque-blueish tiling on the expanisve backyard deck are actually the skylights to the indoor pool below.

If you need us, we'll be flipping through the photo gallery for the rest of forever.