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Porch view after the project was completed.

Important things to consider before tackling a landscaping project

If your yard hasn’t been landscaped since dinosaurs roamed the garden, your mind might be buzzing with ideas of lush flower beds, a fire pit perfect for marshmallow roasting, and a stone walkway to your very own pool. And we don’t blame you! There are tons of benefits of having a professionally landscaped yard, like increasing your property’s value by 15 percent.

But, before you take root in your plans for greener pastures, there are a few things you should take into consideration.

1.What does your land layout look like? Sure, Seattle is no San Francisco. But it’s still pretty darn hilly. If you plan on adding a pool, fence, or retaining wall, you’ll need to take the hilliness of your property. Hillside landscaping is probably one of the most challenging of all residential design issues. You may have to readjust your plans if your backyard is a giant slope. A landscape designer can assess your property and offer a solid plan for your project.

2.The size and age of your house. Americans are moving into bigger homes on smaller properties. And these smaller yards are pretty tricky to squeeze large landscaping machines in. But, even if you do have an older home with a bigger yard, the layout and architecture of the house have to be taken into consideration. You want your yard’s design to complement the style of your home.

3.How much time you plan on spending outdoors. Your yard should feel like another room in your house, and one that you want to spend time in year-round, not just in the summer months. Think about how that space will be used, and determine your needs: entertaining, relaxing, or raising a family. Plan your project around that.

4.Landscaping is hard. Like, really hard. You might think, “hey I can save some money and just plant these trees myself!” All we have to say isyou know those ‘Pinterest vs. Reality’ photos, right? In all seriousness, landscaping is a skilled trade, similar to a plumber or electrician. It’s not for everybody. Plus, it’s brutal work. Do you really want to spend hours a day shoveling in your front yard? Are you qualified to install an automated irrigation system with a smart controller? Didn’t think so. Let’s leave this job to the professionals.

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