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A Star Spangled Dessert is sure to impress your guests. (Image: Life's Ambrosia)

Here's how to have the best Fourth of July celebration, at home

The Fourth of July is only days away and if you are looking for a chill way to celebrate at home, look no further! We have rounded up some of the best recipes, drink options, backyard games and decorations to pull off the Best Fourth of July Backyard Celebration!

Tasty Nibbles

Icy Imbibements

  • Fill a few Filson growlers with beer and your cooler with a nice rose but go the extra mile by making cocktails for your guests. Not Without Salt's Ginger Peach Rum punch is sure to be a party pleaser. For your non-drinking guests, a Rose Geranium Lemonade from The Lemon Cookbook by Ellen Jackson will knock their socks off.
  • Wine aficionados will approve of the TRIbella wine aerator to help deliver consistently delicious wine at your celebration with a three-stream pour which allows ambient air between the streams to naturally aerate the wine. The small and easy to clean TRIbella wine aerator is perfect to take to a backyard BBQ or out to watch the fireworks under the stars.
  • Looking for a crisp, summer beer? Montucky Cold Snacks beer is perfect for summer picnics, celebrations and Fourth of July BBQs. While not local to Seattle, Montucky is dedicated to helping out local communities. Their latest Pride cans donate 8% back to Lifelong Aids in Seattle. So drink up a light beer that isn't too sweet or two bitter while giving back to your community.

Party Games

Patriotic Decorations