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How one Seattle real estate brokerage is changing the way you buy homes.

How one Seattle real estate brokerage is changing the way you buy homes

The Seattle real estate market is fast-paced. And one brokerage firm is staying ahead of the game with a newly-developed partnership with one of the most exciting real estate tech companies that are making waves nationwide: The Northwest Group at Compass.

The Northwest Group is already one of Seattle's premiere real estate agencies, and their partnership with Compass will allow their talented agents to further develop the services they can offer clients. Compass fosters a culture of collaboration for agents, with a local team of expert marketers, designers, photographers, and administrators to support the agents in managing their listings, so that they can ensure their clients sell their homes faster and at a better price. Brad Cahill, from The Northwest Group says "When we make decisions, we make them based on tomorrow, not yesterday. What Compass can offer us and where they are going is really exciting."

What Compass offers is not only a team of support staff to help out the brokers; the back-end technology development gives Compass agents tools to facilitate the entire buying and selling process. Compass invests in technology so that agents can focus on building relationships and maintaining the human element of real estate. With the Compass app, brokers or buyers can walk up to a listed property and immediately get all the info they could want on that property; including price, photos, local schools, open house schedules, and the capability to share with friends or clients.

For the Northwest Group, partnering with Compass also means growing their network of collaboration with other heavy-hitting Seattle brokerages. Compass has a high level of standards - agents must have a minimum of two years of experience in the industry - and targets the best brokers in any market. They've gained the respect of important firms all over the country, with more than 60 offices in 14 cities nationwide servicing more than 3,000 agents. The Northwest Group recognized their potential early, as the initial founding team partnering with Compass in the Seattle area.

With a streamlined app, talented support staff, investment in technology, and a culture of collaboration and respect, it's no wonder the Northwest Group decided to partner with Compass. Better tools and a better team for agents means better service and better results for clients. This kind of support will ensure that the Northwest Group continues to stay ahead of the Seattle real estate game.

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