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How Bath Fitter Solved One Mom’s Bathroom Dilemma

Before Seattle Refined stepped in, Peggy and her three teens shared a single bathroom with an outdated bath tub in it and the experience wasn’t exactly pleasant. None of them had used the bath tub in ages, and Peggy was constantly tormented by the dingy, dirty look of the tub and paneling.

Luckily, Peggy reached out to Seattle Refined and our sponsors at Bath Fitter NW were able to rescue her and her family from their cramped and outdated space. The consultant recommended a shower that would be more spacious inside and take up less space visually, and suggested a built-in corner shelf to provide convenient storage for the family. White subway-style wall panels would provide a bright and modern vibe, while glass doors would keep the room airy and open.

The team took measurements and then put in the order for the offsite fabrication of the Bath Fitter unit. This approach makes updates easy for homeowners because instead of dealing with a demo-zone for weeks, they can use the bathroom as usual and only have to make accommodations for a quick, one-day installation.

Peggy was thrilled with the results of her bathroom makeover. “It doesn’t look like my house…it looks like a hotel…like I’m going to be pampered and I’m on vacation.”

She was especially happy with how easy and pleasant the makeover process was, noting that “it was like snapping your fingers and you have a brand new bathroom…Everyone was so helpful, so professional – it was just a great experience from state to finish. It’s unbelievable!”

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