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Homeowners named Anne have the most valuable houses in WA

Zillow released a new analysis that revealed the most popular homeowner names in each state - as well as the names that own the most valuable homes. Here’s what they found:

Across the United States, people named Stuart and Alison own the most valuable homes.

Stuarts and Alison’s own homes worth more than $330,000; which is 66 percent more valuable than the median home value in the U.S.

Here's the skinny on Washington-specific stats:

  • Heidi is the most popular homeowner name relative to the rest of the nation.
  • Homeowners named Anne own the most valuable homes, worth about $435,308 – that’s 30% more than the median home value in the state.

Here's some other interesting points from the analysis:

  • Homeowners named Stuart and Alison own the most valuable homes in the U.S., worth a median of more than $330,000 and 1,750 square feet.
  • The most common homeowner name in the U.S. is John, followed by Robert and James.
  • In the Pacific Northwest, the name Heidi is a more popular homeowner name than it is nationally, whereas Willie is much more likely to be the name of a homeowner in the Southeast.
  • U.S. homeowners are growing increasingly diverse -- the split between male and female homeowners is about equal, according to the Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trends Report.
  • In 30 of the 46 states Zillow analyzed, homeowners with the most valuable homes have traditionally female names, with Anne the name that reoccurs the most.

So congrats to you Stuarts and Alisons and Heidis and Annes out there! Ya'll are living the dream. If you want some more information, visit Zillow online!