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HGTV's 2018 Dream Home in Gig Harbor is officially on the market, selling by Michael Morrison for $1,899,000. The fully furnished, turn-key home is a contemporary waterfront house on Henderson Bay, that's 3,500 square feet, four bedrooms and 3.5 baths. Amenities include a lounge, wine fridge, bulkhead, a media area and a covered sitting area. (Image: Sy Bean / Seattle Refined)

HGTV's Gig Harbor Dream Home is selling for $1,899,000

Every year, HGTV chooses a Dream Home for their annual sweepstakes. The 2018 Dream Home was in Gig Harbor, and we were elated to be the first to score a VIP tour of the 3,500 square-foot inspiration last year.

Now - that same home is officially on the market, fully furnished and turn key, for $1,899,000.

Stunning views, an open living space and decor details that are decidedly Northwest - and located in lovely Gig Harbor from designer Brian Patrick Flynn.

"We got really lucky with this 1970s contemporary," states Flynn. "It already had a lot of windows, but we did a few more and we made them large because I really wanted that view of Henderson Bay on the Puget Sound to be the main star."

Some would have seen this tri-level as a tear down, but Flynn and his team saw tremendous potential.

"First and foremost, it's all about the view, then the furniture kind of doesn't compete with it," he said. "It just kind of fades away and the color scheme is a little unique for the Pacific Northwest. It's a little more Miami than it is Washington, but the whole idea is to keep everything very cheerful and happy in here."

The serene sitting room blends effortlessly into the kitchen where less is more.

"You might notice that we have two different kinds of counter tops. I wanted to ground this space with texture and a little bit of darkness because it's so light in here," explains Flynn. "We decided to go with the wooden counter top. To make sure it wasn't overly wooden in here, the perimeter cabinets and the back splash wall all the way to the ceiling are an engineered stone that looks like crown marble."

The top floor of the house is much more than just a master bedroom, it's actually a master level with a sitting area, sleeping space, master bath and more. Flynn made the most of it.

"The thing about maximizing a small space like living room is making sure you get the scale and proportion correct, but counter intuitively, when you're working with a smaller space, you want to go with larger furniture you can have three people sit down," he said. "Plus, when you're over here you can look out at this view or if somebody's there reading in bed you can talk to them."

The sleeping space is saturated with color. "We had our resident artist turn the back wall behind the bed into what looked like a vintage Washington post card," said Flynn.

Heading down the hall, the master bathroom has unique features like a pendant shower faucet, nautical-themed light fixture and more - like part of a wooden dock.

"We went around and tried to find anything reclaimed that had to do with life here so we found these from an old dock and we had this empty space in the corner," muses Flynn.

Next - the bottom level. But, don't call it a basement. Flynn likes to refer to it as a lounge with lots of family friendly spaces like these twin ovular coffee tables.

"One of the things I always have to keep in mind is things that don't have corners so these are ovular and these transform. So laptops can come out, people can set up food if they're gonna have a party," said Flynn. "There's also a workout corner with a Peloton bike and much more. In here, we've got more like the cocktail lounge, we've got the wet bar back there and plenty of refrigeration."

Keeping with the pastel color scheme - a beautiful bedroom in a surprising color: lavender.

"For some reason, I think lavender gets a bad rap," said Flynn. "It's almost like people think it's kind of 80s and I think it was a big color in the 80s but to me, lavender is like a new neutral." According to him, it works with many colors and here's a twist. "If you touch the walls, they're covered in linen," says Flynn.

There are so many special spaces - including some outside.

"This is what we've been referring to more or less as the outdoor kitchen we have the built-in stove over because it's covered and it's an amazing way to take advantage of days where it might be raining. There's another dining area that would be perfect for brunch or dinner. That is the most photogenic spot in the house," smiled Flynn.

With so many stunning rooms - and the incredible view, it's fun to day dream about winning the dream home.

"A very lucky person next year is gonna win this house. The whole grand prize is $1.8 million and you win the house, you win a check for $250,000, and you've got the lifestyle that comes with the Pacific Northwest. That person could be you... it could be anybody," smiles Flynn.