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Handmade gifts? There's a Knack for that

Usually we associate handmade gifts as something either A) children do, or B) our super crafty overachieving Pinterest-loving friends do to make us look bad.

But the charm of a handmade gift cannot be denied. A local company called Knack realized this, and created a business around it.

Knack launched last week in Seattle and their mission is simple. In essence, it's a new way to give (and make) incredible gifts for your loved ones. As a gift giver on Knack, you can browse different products (called Knicks) and customize your own premium gift box to send to the recipient.

Every single Knick has a story behind who made them, and they come in a Knickbook so the recipient of the gift knows where it comes from.

"What makes a gift meaningful is the story behind it, not how much it costs. For example, if I bring peppermint sticks to your house during the holidays, that's nice. But if I tell you that those peppermint sticks were hand-twisted by a 4th generation mint farmer in northern Oregon, that's a completely different feeling for both me as the giver and you as the recipient," said Laura Jennings, founder of Knack.

In honor of Halloween weekend and their launch, Knack worked with us to show off some of their Halloween-themed Knicks.

May we just say this launch is perfectly timed with the holidays coming up....