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Seattle Goodwill's DIY Guy Gary Foy shows Seattle Refined's Malia Karlinsky and John Prentice how to transform trash into treasure.

Why buy when you can DIY? Goodwill turns trash into treasure

Buying furniture can take a big bite out of your bank account. But why buy...when you can DIY? Seattle Goodwill's Gary Foy is the master of taking something that most of us see as trash and transforming it into treasure. He's spilling his money-saving secrets to Seattle Refined.

Have you seen those beautiful white dining room tables in decorating magazines? You can get the same look for less by revamping an old wood table. According to Gary, 1970's era tables are perfect, once you add some paint and a little elbow grease.

"Ideally all you gotta do is sand it down first. Light sand and then I use chalk paint. And you do three four coats of that, grab yourself a nice palm sander and have some fun with it, create those fine patina edges."

It's an instant upgrade. Do some distressing, and that furniture from the seventies looks downright stylish. If you bought it a store, a similar piece would cost around eight hundred bucks. Gary Foy's version is considerably less. His price tag: "Sixty five dollars, maybe seventy. And you do it yourself and it's got some pride in it too."

Do you have one of those metal filing cabinets taking up space in your home office? Gary says don't pitch it. PLANT it instead.

"I took all the drawers out, tipped it on it's back, put these castors on, and then you just fill it with dirt and plant stuff in it. Then it's great for patio and or apartment living cause it moves." Give it a coat of spray paint, add a simple stencil, and you've got a one-of-a-kind planter on wheels. It's an instant party on your deck or patio.

Speaking of parties, if you like to drink wine-- don't toss those corks. You can use them to make a designer table top. Gary says add some clear caulk to a round surface like a barrel. "And then what's you're gonna want to do is grab one of these corks just grab a cork and start moving it in moving around edge here and start your little adventure of corking."

Top it with a piece of glass and voila, you've got the ultimate spot to sip wine.

So before buying something brand-new, hit the thrift store or shop your own home. That "junk" just might be the beginning of a perfect piece of furniture.