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Every piece of furniture made by Urban Hardwoods has a story. The furniture is made from "saved" trees that are cut down because they are diseased, a danger to their surroundings, or someone has decided the tree can no longer be a part of their property. (Image: Urban Hardwoods)

Get to know Urban Hardwoods

A few weeks ago I was walking to Pike Place Market with my husband and our curious four-year-old son. We passed by Urban Hardwoods and my son had to go inside. He had a lot of questions for us about the furniture and the trees and why the tables had "bumps" on them. After we left, we pointed out the knots on different trees that we passed as we walked down the street. Very educational!
If you aren't familiar with Urban Hardwoods, here's a little about what they do. First, it's a company that's headquartered in Seattle and the furniture is made right here in our city using locally salvaged wood from our own neighborhoods. Ninety percent of the materials used to create these one-of-a-kind pieces are sourced within a 20-mile radius of Seattle. The company gives second life to felled trees that needed to be removed due to hazard or disease by turning them into high-quality original pieces that are designed to include the wood's "imperfections."
"At Urban Hardwoods the salvaging, milling, drying, design, and fabrication is all done one tree, one log, and one table at a time. By investing time, patience, and the creativity of our highly-skilled team, we are able to create pieces of furniture that are more beautiful and far more interesting than standard milling or furniture practice allows. Our tight-knit team keeps the entire process in-house to ensure the highest quality furniture and attention to detail at every step. From tree removal to finished product, an individual piece can take up to three years to complete."

In addition to the Seattle showroom, Urban Hardwoods has West Coast storefronts in San Francisco and Santa Monica. You can visit the downtown Seattle location at 2101 First Avenue.