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Bright pinks make my feet happy. P.S. Metallic rose gold flats were designed by re-souL, a local shop in Ballard. (Image: Melanie Biehle/Seattle Refined)

Fun Rugs: Mix and match modular carpet squares from FLOR

When I'm faced with several beautiful choices, it can be hard for me to make a decision. A fun graphic pattern or color blocking? A cow pattern or pink stripes? When I first heard about FLOR I realized that I can have both and then some.

FLOR is a versatile, flexible, eco-friendly carpet solution that's also tons of fun. You can mix bright stripes with graphic patterns or core solids to create a specialized rug in the shape and size that you want. The squares are then held together with FLORdots, non-toxic adhesive circles that stick to the bottom of each square. FLORdots allow the squares to stick to each other - not the floor underneath - while the backing helps the carpet stay in place by "hugging" the floor. As the mom of a preschooler and caretaker of a constantly shedding cat, I love the idea of modular carpet. Instead of replacing wall-to-wall carpet for an entire room once disaster strikes, I can just switch out a square or two.

As a company, FLOR is concerned about its environmental footprint and takes that into consideration at every step of the process. They use renewable energy sources and technologies that help them reduce emissions and waste, they have a Return & Recycle Program where FLOR squares can be recycled into new product, and they created Carpet For A Cause to repurpose their display carpets within their communities.

While putting together pieces of carpet sounds like a fun afternoon for me, I know it's not for everyone. If you like the idea of having a multi-patterned rug but the thought of actually choosing different squares seems daunting, don't worry. There's help. Visit FLOR's downtown Seattle location to get complimentary design assistance from one of their friendly, helpful in-house interior designers.

FLOR is located in Seattle at 2000 1st Avenue.