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Mantle Art is a Seattle-based app that allows users to to frame custom art, seeing prices and frame suggestions and placing orders all without leaving the house. (Image: Seattle Refined)

Framing art? There's an app for that

Whether it's a piece of gallery art, a map from a memorable vacation, or your daughter's first A+ homework assignment - hanging art in our homes is a way of making that space ours. A Seattle-based company has developed an app that takes the usual challenges of framing completely out of the equation.

Mantle Art is a free app downloadable from the iTunes store that is specifically for custom framing your art - any art! Download the app, select the size of your image and then take a picture of it with your phone. The app gives you frame suggestions and pricing options that you can compare and choose from.

No more running to the U-Frame-It store to hold up different frames to see what looks best! No more haggling for prices, and not knowing what cost to expect until you're finally at the checkout stand. See something you want to frame? Snap a picture and find out then and there how much it would cost to frame (price can usually make the difference between art that goes on the fridge or is framed on the wall!)

Once you've made the decision to frame, select and place the order through Mantle Art. They'll send you a tube or envelope (shipping included) to send them back the artwork. Then they frame it, and send your final piece back within two weeks, fully insured.

Kind of revolutionary, right? And so incredibly helpful. We're proud that this idea is coming out of a Seattle company!