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Parker House Fall 12.jpg
The Parker-Fersen House (Video credit: Portland Property Films)

Explore this beautiful historic home on the edge of Seattle's Volunteer Park

One of Seattle's most prominent historic homes fronting Volunteer Park is the majestic Parker-Fersen House. Designed in 1908 by architect Frederick Sexton, this landmark property has benefited from a short list of four property stewards who have preserved an iconic chapter of Seattle's history. On the north end of "Millionaire's Row," the Parker house and the immediate environs became the showcase of George Parker and James Moore's neighborhood developments. Between 1890 and 1910, the estate was promoted as "the Choicest Residence Addition in the City."

This 1909 Colonial Revival mansion attracts the eye with its imposing facade framed with two sets of Corinthian columns. The vestibule with its mirrored ceilings, luxurious mahogany and crystal chandelier set the tone for this remarkable Seattle landmark. Four levels of superb workmanship blend historic elements with respectful modern amenities. It truly is a timeless property and a symbol of a golden era. Enjoy a rich slice of history within a modern, urban landscape.

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