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Vote Now: Which of these porches deserves a makeover?

Entries have been gathered and the judges have spoken! Here are the Final 3 porches that we think...cough....need the most love.

Porch A "Boring, Old & Ugly"
This 1919 house could use a bright light, a new Welcome Mat, and perhaps a splash of color! Owner says it's a small space and "just ugly!"

Porch B "Terrible Yard, Terrible Porch"
After living in this house for years, husband and wife decided to enter - why not?!

Porch C "Lifeless in Seattle"
Owner calls it a "lifeless Tukwila porch" where it is challenging to add elegance and charm to the neighborhood. Please help bring some life to the front of our home!

Help us decide which one deserves the makeover with a second round of voting, from July 1 through July 10th - then the WINNER is announced on July 11!

The winner will get our resident designer Malia Karlinsky's services, and a $500.00 gift card to be spent on cosmetic porch improvements and accessories ! The value of the design services cannot be determined.

Vote and see full rules here! And may the best porch...or should we say Ugliest!

About the Ugly Porch Contest
We're teaming up with Lowe's to give your porch a makeover! Running June 10 through June 26th - submit photos of your Ugly Porch here, and based on the appearance of the porch and the overall improvement potential, we will choose four finalists on July 1.