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Create a ticket stub holder so your lovely memories can get out of a box on a shelf and into the open where they can be shared.  

DIY: Ticket Stub Holder

About four times a year, I go through our house and try to purge some of the clutter. The first things to go are the little trinket toys that kids collect by the handful from every single birthday party and doctor visit they have attended. Next on my list is to dig through the 329 magazines I have saved because I swear I am going to take the "Drugstore Makeup Beauty Find" list with me next time I need new mascara and the $4 brand they recommend will change my life.

My final stop on my purge journey is always the closet. Besides the obvious too small, too big, too "what was I thinking?" clothing to get rid of, our closets are also home to the boxes of sentimental saves. The first picture my daughter drew that didn't look like a bad Pollack painting - saved. The candle from my son's first birthday cake - saved. The printed copy of the first email my husband ever sent me - saved. As you can imagine, our closets are pretty full.

During my last purge, I got a bit frustrated that all of these beautiful life moments were being hidden away in a far corner of our home. I remembered an idea for a ticket stub holder I had seen long ago on Pinterest and tried to recreate it, giving at least a small portion of our family memories a proper home.


  • Shadow box picture frame - Ikea

  • Printed quote - see Step 7 and 8

  • Tape

  • Scissors

  • Glass paint

  • Paper

  • Paint

  • Paintbrush

  • Drill/bit

  • Small saw

  • Sandpaper

How To

  1. Find the center of the top of your shadow box frame.

  2. Get a piece of tape that is the length you want for the ticket stub opening and tape it to the top of the frame. Put it a short distance from where you want the final hole to be so you can use it as a guide as you work.

  3. Draw an oval the length of the tape in the exact spot you want for the opening.

  4. Drill a hole in both ends of the oval.

  5. Use your saw to cut out the entire oval, linking the drilled holes together.

  6. Sand the edges of the opening you created.

  7. Decide what quote you want to print on the front of your shadow box. I went with Walt Whitman's "these are the days that must happen to you." You can use whatever phrase you want, as long as it fits on the front of the shadow box.

  8. In your word processing program, type the quote in a simple font and layout that will fit on the front of your shadowbox glass. Print your quote.

  9. Cut out the quote and tape it to the inside of the shadow box glass. This will be your pattern so make sure you position the paper just where you want it.

  10. Trace the quote with your glass paint and let dry.

  11. Cut out a piece of paper that will fit inside the back of the shadow box.

  12. Use your paint to create an ombre effect on the paper. Let it dry.

  13. Tape your painted background to the back of the shadow box and put the back on the box.

  14. Hang your ticket stub holder and start filling it with memories!