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Inspiration can strike at any time. For me it was on a Target run, when I saw this wood grain effect lamp shade on sale for $5. (Image: Kate Sigafoos / Seattle Refined)

DIY: Pinhole lampshade

Inspiration can often strike at the most inopportune times. A few weeks ago I experienced one such moment as I was doing a quick run through Target.

I purposely grabbed a basket to contain my haul instead of a cart so that I might actually make it out of the store without totally overspending. The household items I was shopping for overfilled the basket and I had a giant box of diapers in the other hand as I headed to the checkout. I was walking by the clearance section of the home d├ęcor area when I spotted a find that made me stop in my tracks. A $5 wood grain effect lamp shade was just sitting there, looking at me. I had no free space on my person to carry this treasure, but I couldn't pass it up. In another of my classiest moments I slid the lampshade around my wrist like a giant bracelet and did that soft knee walk/run thing you do when you are carrying WAY too much at one time all the way through the store to the checkout.

So what was so inspirational about that lampshade? This pinhole lampshade craft, that's what. As soon as I saw the treasure, I knew it was destined for this craft. Now, before we delve in to the How To portion of the post, I recognize that most of you do not live in a rustic cabin and do not plan to decorate your home with wood grain and large forest animals. The moose might not be for everyone. I made this particular lampshade for my toddler son's woodland inspired room so it is actually appropriate for that venue.


  • Lampshade - This needs to be a plain, thin lampshade. Don't chose anything with a lot of fabric or any embellishments.

  • Pattern - This can be an image, shape, or something as simple as taped off stripes.

  • Pin

  • Low tack tape - Painters tape and washi tape are both good choices.

How To

  1. Tape your pattern onto your lampshade. If is it a printed image, tape the paper around the lampshade with low tack tape. If you are creating a pattern using tape, go ahead and put it directly on the outside of the lampshade.

  2. Using your pin, poke holes around the pattern. Try to keep the spacing between the holes fairly consistent, but do not get too worked up about it.

  3. Once the entire pattern has been traced, remove the pattern.

  4. Put the lampshade on your lamp and let that little light shine!