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All you need are some scarves and braided belts to make this chic picnic blanket for the spring and summer months! (Image: Kate Sigafoos / Seattle Refined)

DIY: Picnic Blanket

I am not usually one to wish away the seasons. When you grow up in the brutality of Midwest winters and summers, you appreciate the mild nature of the Pacific Northwest weather.

I can deal with rain and grey if at no point during the year my nose hairs freeze when I open the door to check the mail. I'm easy to please.

While I don't mind this time of year, my crafting inspirations are definitely turning towards spring. As I was craft shopping in the H&M clearance section (trust me, it is a gold mine of craft supplies) I was struck with a brief moment of genius.

Because the winter is on its way out, large winter scarves are easily found for low prices. I decided to turn these scarves into a picnic blanket to use this spring and summer. I added a couple of belts to the mix and created a picnic blanket roll for under $30.


  • Scarves - I used 4 scarves, but you can use 6 or 8 or however many you need to achieve the blanket size you want.

  • 2 woven belts - You want woven belts for two reasons. First, you can close off the belt at any point so they will fit tightly around the blanket roll without having to punch new holes. Second, they have a leather end cap that holds the woven pieces together which you can reuse to finish the project easily.

  • Sewing machine and thread (or needle and thread if you don't have a sewing machine)

  • Scissors

  • Glue - Any glue that will work on leather is fine. This includes a hot glue gun or Fabri-tac.

How To

  1. Pin two of your scarves together along the length. If you scarves have a wrong/right side, make sure the right sides are together.

  2. Sew the scarves together. If you are hand sewing, a whip stitch is perfect for this.

  3. Pin and sew all your scarves together in the same manner. Sometimes you will be sewing the short sides together, sometimes long. Just do what you need to do to make a big rectangle.

  4. Fold your new picnic blanket and roll it up into a proper blanket roll.

  5. Take your belts and wrap them around the blanket roll to secure it in place.

  6. Cut off the end of one of your belts at the point you want it to end around the roll.

  7. Remove the leather end cap from the belt remnant by cutting the thread with your scissors.

  8. Glue the leather cap to the cut end of the belt that is around the blanket roll.

  9. Repeat steps 6 through 8 with the second belt.

  10. With the belts still fastened around the blanket roll, figure out where you want the handles of the leather holder to be.

  11. Remove the belts from the roll and lay them out parallel to each other.

  12. Glue your belt remnant pieces to the under side of the belts in the location you decided upon for the handles.