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(Image: Gaard Swanson / Seattle Refined)

DIY Spray Painting: Spice up old patio furniture at home

We here at Seattle Refined love a good DIY project. And right now, odds are you might have more time on your hands than usual. Why not join in the DIY fun? So far this quarantine we've made our own hand sanitizer, tie-dye sweatsuit, face masks and lemon rosemary scrub. We've also given some tips on washing your car, changing your oil and planting your own Victory Garden.

Yeah, we've been busy! Next up, safely and properly spray painting! I recently spray painted an old outdoor chair and table set, and it's actually pretty straightforward — if you do it right.

What You'll Need

  • Gloves
  • Eyewear
  • Ventilation mask
  • Scraper (if needed)
  • Sandpaper
  • Drop cloth

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How To Do It

  1. The key is preparation. You have to sand the surfaces using sandpaper to make sure they are dry and clean, free of oil, dust and rust.
  2. Warm the spray cans in the sun or under warm water, this helps the paint flow
  3. Prime the furniture using a primer, or you can use 2-in-1 spray paint with primer in it
  4. Put down a drop cloth to catch over-spray, put on your ventilation mask, shake the can for a minute (like a martini or polaroid picture)
  5. Once the shaking is finished, start with a test spray. This clears the tip, so no gunk comes out and splatters on the surface
  6. Begin with a very light coat: spray from about 10-12 inches away, always moving the spray can in a sweeping motion. This will help you eliminate runs, drips and sagging
  7. Overlap as you go and also shake the can during your project, this will keep the paint properly mixed
  8. Once you have your first coat on, let it dry. This usually 20 minutes
  9. Then add your finish coat. It should be safe to touch in about an hour. Read the manufactures label to make sure
  10. Once you're finished, turn the can upside down and spray clearing out the tip, so the next time you use the can, the tip is super clean, assuring dry paint hasn't clogged the opening.

Use these simple tips, and your patio furniture and other projects will look brand new again!