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Show your neighborhood pride by making this neighborhood subway print throw pillow! (Image: Kate Sigafoos / Seattle Refined)

DIY: Make your own neighborhood subway print pillow

2014 is looking like a big year for Seattle and we are only two months into the year! Between Macklemore winning Grammys and the Seahawks winning the Superbowl, the Emerald City has a lot to be proud of.

Show your neighborhood pride by making this neighborhood subway print throw pillow!


20x20 throw pillow - Ikea has covers for a 20x20 pillow in a variety of colors.
Neighborhood Subway Print
Freezer paper
Exacto-knife or other sharp cutting device. I used a box cutter.
Fabric paint or fabric paint pen - go light for a dark pillow and dark for a light pillow. Or go gold because metallics are magical.
Sponge brush

How To

1. Wash your pillow cover, let dry, and iron it flat.

2. Print out the neighborhood subway print. I got 2 copies printed on 24 x 24 paper for under $5 at our local print shop. You can also print it at home on a few sheets of 8x11 paper and piece the entire print together.

3. Lay freezer paper over the print with the plastic side down and trace the letters with your pen. You will need to use two strips of freezer paper to cover the entire print.

4. Using your cutting tool, cut out all the traced letters. Save the centers of any letters like R, O, P, Q, etc. because you will need them for the final stencil.

5. Lay the freezer paper stencil pieces on top of your pillow, plastic side down, and tape the freezer paper together in the final design position.

6. Iron the freezer paper stencil onto your pillow. Don't forget to put the centers back in the R, O, P, Q, etc.

7. Use your fabric paint or paint pen to fill in the letters.

8. Let the paint dry and remove the freezer paper stencil.

9. Touch up any crooked lines with fabric paint and let dry. Or don't. I like the rustic look of the imperfect lines so I chose to leave any rough edges alone.

Check out the gallery for pictures corresponding with the above steps.