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This cut canvas project will inspire you to make this craft your own. (Image: Kate Sigafoos)

DIY cut canvas inspiration

I have never enjoyed being told what to do. When I was a child I kept my room tidy on my own. On the rare occasion my mother actually asked me to clean up my space I would dig in my heels and act like she was asking me to light my own hair on fire. As an adult, I will gladly stay late at work and push myself as hard as I can. Tell me to stay an extra hour or try harder? I revert to the ways of my youth and start stomping around like a petulant child.

In order not to beat myself up too much about this personality defect, I like to assume that there are many others out there who operate the same way. Because of this, I am not going to tell you what to do in this DIY. I am just going to present a general suggestion and let you take this project wherever your little heart leads you. Enjoy this little bit of creative inspirationor don't because I am totally not telling you what to do.


  • Canvas

  • Pencil

  • Stencil

  • X-acto knife

  • Paint/Paper (optional)

How To

  1. Trace your stencil with pencil on the back side of your canvas.

  2. Cut out your canvas along the lines you traced.

  3. Now is the part where you can get creative and really customize you canvas. You can leave it white and let the wall show though. You can tape paper to the back of the canvas for a little pop of color. Paint the whole canvas with the Pantone color of the year, Radiant Orchid, and ad some shimmer for a fun addition to a kid's room. My favorite customization is taking a piece of child's art (that you would likely otherwise throw away) and turning the canvas into a fun way to display their work!