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DIY: Cork Coasters

That sweet taste of summer we have been experiencing lately has me in a warm weather state of mind. I dug out my sandals from the back of the closet, found all the beach toys, and bought some non-expired sun screen. We are ready for the summer!

My warm weather dreams led me to think about all the back yard BBQ's we will be attending this summer. Our summers are always filled with those meals where you get a call at 5 PM to come on over and just "bring yourselves!" A great bottle of wine or a lovely bouquet is always a nice hostess gift to bring when you are invited over for a last minute casual dinner, but I like to have a stockpile of small gifts on hand so I know that I am covered in the thoughtfulness department.

Make a few packs of these cork coasters and you will be ready for any festivities that summer throws your way!


  • Cork Squares - you can buy a pack of precut squares in packs of 4 or you can buy a large sheet of cork and cut them out yourself.

  • Paint pens - I used a Sharpie oil paint pen.

  • Ruler/Washi Tape/Glass - Improvise with what you have around the house to make your patterns!

How To

  1. For pattern 1: Use the top edge of a glass to create a dashed arch pattern.

  2. For pattern 2: Use your glass to trace a circle on the coaster. Using your ruler as a guide line, draw rows of small vertical lines within the circle.

  3. For pattern 3: Use your ruler to draw a mid-century inspired line art piece.

  4. For pattern 4: Freehand a basic line pattern.

  5. Wrap your coasters up with a bow and get ready to be the thoughtful dinner guest all summer!