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Let the professionals decorate your house and yard this year. Call Johnny Tsunami today for a free estimate.

Decorate your home this holiday season in four easy steps

Don’t worry about pulling a Clark Griswold this year when you’re decorating your house. Johnny Tsunami has added holiday lighting to their list of services. Leave the tangled mess of lights and ladders in the garage and hit the easy button this holiday season when you choose Johnny Tsunami as your light provider.

Johnny Tsunami offers a wide range of custom lighting services from decorating the roofline to illuminating your trees, shrubs, bushes, wreaths and more. Everything is custom-built to fit perfectly.

Services include:

  • FREE estimates
  • Design
  • Custom-built LED lights
  • Timers
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Taking down lights
  • Storage options

Why you should choose custom lights

Johnny Tsunami uses commercial-grade lights when they customize your decorations. The C7 and C9 commercial-rated lights will outlast any store-bought lights for years. If anything happens to the lights, Johnny Tsunami can fix them so you don’t have to throw them away and start over. The mini- and wide-angle commercial-grade lights have a three-season guarantee.

Even better, commercial-grade LED lights are the most environmentally friendly way to go. Save waste, save power and still enjoy the season.

How it works

In four easy steps, you can have the best-looking home on the block without any stress whatsoever. Get cozy in your pajamas and watch some holiday movies as Johnny Tsunami does all the work for you.

  1. Call and schedule a free estimate.
  2. Design your lighting and pick your light colors.
  3. Schedule the installation.
  4. Enjoy the happiness of the holiday season.

You can schedule your holiday lighting estimate today at