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Book Larder is Seattle's community cookbook store located in Fremont. (Image: Melanie Biehle/Seattle Refined)

Cookbooks and Classes at Book Larder in Fremont

I don't cook or bake, but my husband does. Gourmet homemade ice cream from David Lebovitz, tasty treats from Christina Tosi at Momofuku Milk Bar, Bon App├ętit's Chocolate Rads recipe adapted by Molly Wizenberg, and the foolproof Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie are some of the wonderful concoctions that come out of our tiny kitchen. Yes, I know. I'm incredibly lucky, and very grateful.
A couple of years ago I gave my husband a pie baking class for his birthday. It was held at Book Larder in Fremont, Seattle's community cookbook store. Megan Gordon of Seattle-based Marge Granola and A Sweet Spoonful taught attendees how to bake a Cardamom Plum Pie, a perfect summer treat. Upcoming classes include quick one-hour lunch break lessons by Rachael Coyle and Erin Coopey on Mondays in August, Mary Karlin's Mastering Fermentation demonstration class on August 11th, and a "Cool" Summer Cooking class with Olaiya Land on August 19th.
In addition to book signings, pop-up bakeries, and classes, Book Larder has cookbooks. Lots of cookbooks. Cookbooks with mouthwatering covers that make a graphic designer/photographer who doesn't bake or cook want to take them home just because they're so beautiful. The typography and design are the first things that make me pick up a book, followed by the food that rests between the front and back covers, and Book Larder has stacks of lovelies that need to come live with me.
If you're looking for a perfect Seattle souvenir during your summer travels, load up on local cookbooks and food writing from Book Larder. Their stock includes books from major publishers as well as gorgeous, high-quality self-published books that may be harder for you to find at home.
Take a break from the heat with some cool cookbooks. Book Larder is located in Seattle at 4252 Fremont Avenue North in Seattle.