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Vancouver BC artist Zöe Pawlak partnered with Burritt Bros. Carpet & Floors to create a collection of beautiful rugs based on her abstract paintings. (Image: courtesy of Zöe Pawlak)

Color Crush: Bright Pink

When I was 19 all of the clothes in my closet were black. My bedroom was filled with black furniture, plastered with posters of The Cure, and I tucked myself in each night underneath a black comforter. One day my mother invited me to go shopping. I met her at the mall, because obviously I wasn't going to be seen riding in the same car with her, and she took me to EXPRESS. She said that she'd buy me anything that I wanted in the whole storeas long as it wasn't black. I left with one charcoal gray cardigan and one frustrated mother.
If you'd told that version of me that one of my favorite colors 20ish years later would be bright pink, I would have kicked your shoes with my Doc Martens. Okay, maybe I wouldn't have kicked you, but I definitely would have choked on my Big Gulp Diet Coke snorting with laughter.
Pink makes me happy. All shades of pink. But today I want to focus on the brightest of the bunch. Here are some of my favorite things featuring bright shades of pink.

  • The colorful paintings of Pacific Northwest artist Camille Patha include the loveliest shades of pink. You can find some of Camille's work in Pioneer Square at Davidson Galleries.

  • Zoë Pawlak is a Vancouver, BC artist who recently collaborated with Burritt Bros. Carpet & Floors on The Over Ocean Collection, a series of rugs based on her beautiful abstract paintings.

My day seems brighter already!