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Zerorez is offering a special deal for customers who donate to Northwest Harvest this holiday season. (Image: Seattle Refined)

Carpet cleaning do-gooders? Local company offers a steal of a deal this season

There's no question Zerorez are the carpet cleaning kings! They can get nearly any stain out of any surface. And the secret isn't soap - it's science.

"We've got a three-step process," said Anthony Holmes, owner of Zerorez. "We use a great citrus spray to break all the soil and oils off the carpet, then we use a brush to get it all to the surface."

Then comes the water.

"We use a Powered water, [that] doesn't have any soap - doesn't leave any residue," said Holmes. "The carpet stays clean longer."

Are you wondering what Powered water is? Us too.

"It's purified water," explained Holmes. "Totally clean, and then we use electricity to turn it into a cleaning substance. It's not the bad stuff, it doesn't leave any soapy residue that really attracts dirt. You can even take a sip of it, [you'll] be fine!"

You heard him right - Holmes often times takes a sip of this water to show clients it's totally safe.

"A lot of people have kids, young kids crawling on the floor and I want to make sure they're not crawling through a bunch of chemicals," he said. "We tested with iodine, and what you see is the water absorbing the iodine into itself so we can extract it and take it all with us. There's no soap, no detergents, no harsh chemicals."

But Zerorez doesn't just save carpets, they help save lives too - thanks to their holiday partner Northwest Harvest.

"We're really excited to partner with Northwest Harvest again this year," said Holmes. "It's a great organization. They have a fantastic mission of ending hunger in Washington. We love being a part of that!"

Last year, Zerorez customers raised over 2,000 pounds of food.

"That was just spectacular. We hope to beat that again this year!" he said. "It's part of their food challenge. We hope to raise 5 million meals this month."

It's part of the Zerorez business model.

"We want to give back, we want to make people feel good especially during the holidays when so many deserving people are going without food," said Holmes. "I think it's something we want to help with and we hope our customers have fun with it too."

The company is ramping things up with a holiday special: cleaning three rooms for $149, AND a free hallway if you donate food to Northwest Harvest. Want to book? Call 425-453-9376 or visit them online and mention Seattle Refined.

Happy Holidays!