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ShelfGenie can transform your kitchen space into practical storage for all of your stuff. Everything is within reach!

Ask ShelfGenie to help you reach every corner of your kitchen

Unless you built your home from the ground up or designed everything yourself, you likely have inherited kitchen cabinets you don't love. That doesn't mean you need new cabinets. You just need help reaching all that underutilized, hard-to-reach space. How often have you needed to grab a stool, stand on your tiptoes, or crouch onto your hands and knees to reach something?

If any of that sounds like you, call ShelfGenie to grant your wish! No lamp rubbing required. ShelfGenie can transform your kitchen space into practical storage for all of your stuff. ShelfGenie makes everything within reach!

Kitchen solutions

Your kitchen has a tough job. It needs to hold your food, your pots and pans, silverware and other utensils, cookbooks, dishes, cleaning supplies, and general clutter that accumulates on the countertops. ShelfGenie is here to rescue your kitchen. Leveled shelves in your cabinets allow you to use all the space inside and keep it organized by category. Try adding sliding tracks underneath the shelves to give you easier access to everything you need. You can even put a Lazy Susan or rotating shelf inside the corners of your cabinets to maximize the space you're using. Other revolutionary solutions include layered spice racks and bookshelves that slide into your taller cabinets.

Pantry solutions

Depending on your grocery shopping habits, your pantry can be a catch-all for your non-perishable food items, baking supplies, and maybe some kitchen appliances that don't get much use. Gliding shelves transform that mess into an easily accessible and orderly system. Just choose how many drawers you need, add dividers inside those drawers, and forget about reaching into the depths of your pantry for long-lost cans of soup. You can even salvage space on the top, bottom, and sides of this new shelving unit to hold more odds and ends.

Every home is different. Square footage and interior design will likely influence the decisions you make. With ShelfGenie, you can reimagine your home in a way that makes it more convenient and accessible. Check out ShelfGenie's interactive map online, which shows you some systems and solutions that may inspire you.

ShelfGenie has locations all over the country, including Seattle. Call 206-929-4954 today or visit to get a free design consultation.