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Over 850 people flocked to Glassybaby Madrona on Union Saturday to attend the bi-annual Seconds Sale. (Image: Joshua Lewis / Seattle Refined)

5,700 glassybaby were sold at the bi-annual Seconds Sale

Over 850 people turned up for the Glassybaby Seconds Sale on Saturday at the company's Madrona location. In the course of seven hours, more than 5,700 glassybaby were sold.

Even though the sale didn't begin until 8am, people began lining up at 10pm the night before. The sale finished at 3pm Saturday, with each customer buying an average of seven glassybaby. This translated to $15,500 total raised for Camp Korey, a charity that gives children with serious life-altering medical conditions and their families the experience of camp

Glassybaby is a Seattle-based company that just recently expanded to San Fransisco and has developed an almost cultish following of people collecting the multicolored glass-blown candle holders. The Seconds Sale happens twice a year, and offers discounted glassybaby for $28 instead of the usual $44.