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Here's why empty nesters are flocking to downtown Seattle.

5 reasons East Village is the best place for Seattle's empty nesters

Becoming an empty nester is a wonderful stage of life. You’ve raised your children well enough they have taken flight and are living adult life with the lessons learned under your wing.

Now it’s time to spread your wings and enjoy this stage of life to the fullest, in a new nest built specifically for your adventures ahead. As you consider where to head next, take a look at the East Village in downtown Seattle.

We reached out to Sotheby's International Realty managing broker, Laura Halliday for 5 reasons the East Village is the best place for Seattle’s empty nesters:

1. You’ll save money

For years, you likely have worried about saving money, so don't let your smart budgeting fall by the wayside. With your children gone, you no longer need a large home to heat and cool, your teenagers aren’t around to help with yard work, and the costs associated with repairing damage caused by kids may equate to a mortgage payment for a condo, sized right for you.

Failing to downsize is one of three money mistakes empty nesters make, personal finance journalist Geoff Williams writes. You can avoid that mistake by moving to a place like NEXUS at East Village, which will alleviate many of the costs associated with your house.

2. You’ll build equity

Speaking of equity, wouldn’t it be nice to have double equity?

Nexus at East Village is an up-and-coming condominium tower scheduled for completion in 2019. Residents will not be able to move in until then, so the buyer have the chance to lock in a 2017 price and interest rate, allowing them to build equity in their current home, until it is sold, and their future one in East Village — thereby building double equity.

3. You’ll save time

Maybe it’s not money you’re worried about, but time. Many empty nesters look forward to the day their children move out, so they can travel and spend their days exploring local scenery and previously neglected social life.

Perhaps you chose your home because it was a great place to raise a family, but now it is inconveniently located when it comes to social activities, shopping or flights out of a nearby airport.

East Village is near a multitude of transportation options within the city and has freeway access to reach the region’s outdoor recreational attractions. The convenience allows you to get where you want, when you want, without wasting any of your hard-earned time.

4. It’s life made simple

Over the years you have sacrificed time, money, energy and often your dreams to the most worthy of causes: raising children. While there are things you may miss about having all your kids under your roof, it’s OK to admit you are looking forward to a simpler life.

“For those buyers that are empty nesters and looking to simplify their life with a lock and leave lifestyle, life at Nexus is just what the doctor ordered,” says Laura Halliday, managing broker at Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty. “The location is also just steps from great shopping, theater, restaurants and the major employers like Google, Facebook and Amazon.”

5. One word: amenities

If there’s one thing your home and lifestyle probably don't have, it’s amenities. For once in your life, wouldn’t it be nice to have that word be part of your daily vocabulary?

Halliday thinks so.

“The incredible amenities are available to all residents,” she says. “There’s a rooftop penthouse, including an exhibition kitchen and dining facility, fireside lounge, games room, expansive rooftop terrace with commanding views, a large co-working environment with private meeting rooms, media room, robust exercise facility with indoor-outdoor yoga room, and a dog lounge, run, and wash facility ... (It's) all inclusive, luxury living.”

For more information on how to spread your wings as an empty nester or for any other tips on buying and selling your home, please contact Realogics Sotheby’s International Managing Broker, Laura Halliday at or by calling 206-448-5752.