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The freshest trends for 2021 include gorgeous graphic wall treatments. (Image: Seattle Design Center)<p></p>

5 Fresh Design Trends for 2021

It's a new year and while things may be a bit different these days, it's always fun to know what the trends are. Refined recently got the 411 on Pantone's Colors of the Year for 2021, thanks to color expert and Bainbridge Island resident Lee Eiseman. Now that we know what the hottest hues are, we had to find out what the freshest trends for interiors will be. Refined caught up [virtually] with Gina Colucci from Seattle Design Center to get the scoop.

Seattle Refined: Gina Colucci from Seattle Design Center it is so great to see you! Can you explain a little bit about what the Seattle Design Center is?
Gina Colucci: SDC serves as the hub of Pacific Northwest design community. We have 20+ luxury showrooms that have every category of home furnishings - from furniture, to seating, to textiles, to bedding to tabletop. We’re going to have things before they’re on Pinterest, before they’re out there on the Internet.

Can you share some design trends that we’re going to be seeing in 2021?
The first trend is Environmentally Conscious Construction. It would be recycling of items and materials, also using items that are more green. [The trend is] in textiles and fabric, [for example] a fabric made of mostly plastic bottles.

One thing we’re all doing a lot of these days is sitting, and when it comes to adding something new to your home to update it - a chair is a great way to go.
My other trend is Swivel Chairs. And I like to say they’re like all around fun! There are just so many types of swivel chairs. You can get smaller ones to fit a little reading space or a really fun big one with a high back. We even have really nice recliners. They’re very sleek.

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What is the latest trend when it comes to tables?
A really fun accent piece would be a drink table, and this is a small table that goes next to where you’re sitting. After 2020, I want my drink close (!) so it’s just something small it can be a statement piece or blend in beautifully and just be very functional.

I love reading the design magazines and one thing I’ve seen lately that I’m not sure how I feel about it - wall coverings. It kind of reminds me of the 1970’s but maybe that’s not a bad thing!
Graphic Wall Coverings and Graphic [Wallpaper] are one of my favorite trends. It really can just breathe live into your space, and you don’t have to cover everything you can just do a hallway or a powder room. Wallpaper is made of paper. Wall coverings can be made of vinyl cork grasscloth - so many different types of material.

We all want to be comfy and cozy and I guess a great way to do that is texture.
Texture would be my other trend and this can be anywhere from a really fun stool that is really fuzzy and fluffy to an accent pillow. Another way to incorporate texture would be area rugs, and you can have different piles in them and different colors and you know - I think the shag’s coming back.

What I’m hearing is we’re going back to the recliners, wall coverings and shag carpet. Of course the drink table should never go out of style anyway.
That’s here to stay!

Is Seattle Design Center just for professional tradespeople?
We are open to the public. A lot of our showrooms do only sell to the trade, so we’re creating a program that’s called ‘Just Buy’ and it’s gonna facilitate transactions for people [that aren’t in the trade].

Seattle Design Center will be hosting a sample sale and it's open to the public on February 4th, 2021. Check out SDC's website for more inspiration.