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Use acrylic paint to design saturated eggs. (Image: Rebecca Mongrain/Seattle Refined)

10 Clever Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

Every year, I buy the Easter egg dyeing kits at the grocery store and pop the little tablets into cups of water and vinegar for my kids. We have a great time turning white eggs into a rainbow of colors. Our fingers get stained various colors and we try different color combinations but it can be a bit messy and boring. This year, I thought I'd shake things up by trying out some new ways to decorate eggs. While all of these technique can be done on raw or hard boiled eggs, I'd recommend hard boiling them as they are much easier to handle and more egg-hunt friendly.

Here are 10 clever and gorgeous ways to decorate Easter eggs:

  1. Washi Tape Easter Eggs - Grab a few rolls of wash tape from the craft store for a modern and super easy way to decorate eggs. Make sure your eggs are room temperature and dry, otherwise the tape won't stick. Get creative with the tape or just stick random pieces on the egg. This is a fun one for kids who love tape too.
  2. Acrylic Paint Eggs - This one is for the artist in all of us. While you could potentially use any type of paint on eggs, acrylic paint is the easiest to work with and creates vibrant colors. Stencil designs on your eggs or free-hand draw on them. Polka dots, bunnies and fun sayings are always a hit.
  3. Naturally Dyed Eggs - Naturally dyed eggs are great way to use ingredients from your home for beautiful results. While it does take more patience and time, I really love the muted colors you get from dyeing eggs with ingredients commonly found in your kitchen. Check out our article on how to naturally dye eggs from last year for detailed directions.
  4. Foliage Eggs - Say Yes has an egg decorating technique that gives a nod to Spring. Her foliage eggs require a few items from nature and 10 minutes to complete. You'll love the combination of eggs and foliage.
  5. Sharpie Easter Eggs - This might be my favorite technique because it is so simple. Gather a bunch of sharpie pens and start drawing. This is a great project for any toddlers you might have in your life. Their egg scribbles will look delightful and clean-up is a breeze.
  6. Calligraphy Eggs - These calligraphy eggs from Oh Happy Day are simple, modern and beautiful. She even provides a free template so you can make your own calligraphy Spring eggs.
  7. Gold Eggs - Luxury egg decorators will love the gold leaf tutorial from Sugar and Charm. Gold leaf can be tricky to work with but the results are absolutely stunning. Her gold Easter bunny egg is simply gorgeous.
  8. Glitter Eggs - Know anyone who enjoys adding a bit of sparkle to everything? Glitter eggs will be right up their alley! Elmer's Glue Spots are a great way to add glitter polka dots to your egg. Simply stick them on and dust with glitter. If you want more glitter, then paint your egg with regular glue and dust all over with glitter. Just don't eat these eggs! The glitter is not food-safe.
  9. Hipster Eggs - One Good Thing has these kitschy, hipster egg decorating ideas that will delight hipsters and those who love them. This is another technique that uses tattoo paper but any talented artists could draw these on with sharpies or paint.
  10. Typography Eggs - Typography fans will delight in Lovely Indeed's tutorial on how to craft up typewriter-like eggs.