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Ever hear of Lakeridge? This little community just come in 4th on Redfin's national list of Top Neighborhood's to be your own Top Chef. (Image: Redfin)

10 best neighborhoods to be your own top chef

Lakeridge (a little-known community between Seattle, Tukwila and Renton), came in 4th on Redfin's newest report of the 10 Best Neighborhoods to Be Your Own Top Chef.

Don't feel bad if you didn't know where Lakeridge was and had to google it, you're not alone. Think the southernmost part of Lake Washington, east of Rainier Valley and north of Renton.

The Top 10 list Redfin came up with was national, and Lakeridge was the only neighborhood from Washington state and the Pacific Northwest. Other communitites included Stanton Park in Washington D.C., Mid-City Los Angeles, East Atlanta in Georgia and South Beach in San Francisco.

Redfin chose these neighborhoods based on the percentage of homes in close proximity to grocery stores and farmers markets, and by the prevalence of certain "foodie terms" used in the listing descriptions (like 'gourmet kitchen', 'vegetable garden', and 'chicken coop').

"[Lakeridge] has lots of charming mid-century modern homes with lovely details like arched doorways and triangular windows," said Redfin agent Dan Mullins. "The homes also frequently have contemporary updates like large open kitchen and dining areas."

Check out the gallery to see a couple Lakeridge listings on Redfin with those foodie features we mentioned. also has some great neighborhood-specific recipes made with "local flavor and ingredients".