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Rebecca Mongrain

The Home Writer

Rebecca is a Lifestyle writer and photographer who enjoys writing about all the wonders of the Pacific NorthWest from the best places to see to where to find the hottest fitness classes.

She likes finding the unique, un-heard of restaurants or food shops that sell the best tidbits of food. She loves photographing uncommon landmarks and other fantastic subjects. She spends her days with her two children and finds all sorts of new adventures along the way.

When not juggling her two kids, Rebecca can be found taking barre3 classes, hiking in Carkeek Park, knitting, tackling the occasional DIY project and exploring all the Pacific North West has to offer while taking photographs of it all.

Rebecca is working to keep it all together through crafty endeavors, weekend getaways and bouts of organizational inspiration which are all detailed on her blog, ReeBeckiSupergirl.