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Kate Neidigh

Fashion Writer

Kate Neidigh is a Chanel lipstick wearing, manicure and pedicure obsessed, self-proclaimed fashionista. Always researching the latest trends, she loves to online shop, people watch and read entertainment magazines.

When she's not knee deep in shoes and accessories at Nordstrom, she's playing dress up with her sweet baby girl, June and eating a delicious meal prepared by her husband James.

Born in Omaha, Nebraska but raised in the Pacific Northwest, Kate is into hiking, backpacking and exploring just about anywhere. Travel is a must for this girl. After living in New Zealand for a year working as a television reporter, she got the travel bug. Her favorite places to visit are Spain, France, Japan and Italy.

If your outfit is on point, don't be surprised if Kate stops you on the street to chat and take a pic, she's far from shy and can strike a conversation with just about anyone, about anything!