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Frank Guanco

Food & Wine Writer

To say that Frank Guanco enjoys a good wine would be an understatement. Frank's been on a search for the next surprise in a glass and will stop at nothing to get there. Cheers to that.

Frank Guanco's passion for wine started with two bottles of wine he tried on a whim many summers ago. From that moment on, Frank began a quest to learn as much about wine as possible; to learn the story of a winery, of a region, of a grape, of a vineyard. In this journey to know more, Frank was nerdy enough to earn his Level 3 from the Wine & Spirits Education Trust. Which means he drank plenty of wine for education purposes. Although he did get a pin for this, it doesn't mean he knows everything about wine and spirits. But enough to keep drinking them.

Frank knows that what goes best with wine is a great meal and great stories. Always on the search for something tasty to talk about, Frank is ready for more. From the dim sum he grew up with at King Café to a Dick's Deluxe, Frank can't wait for another memorable meal and to try something delicious with those that got him to this point. Add in some bubbly (or Chablisor Bordeaux) and Frank is ready for the next great story to celebrate.