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Britt Thorson

Managing Editor

Britt is Seattle Refined's Managing Editor and a native Seattleite who loves to write, talk, eat and sleep (not necessarily in that order).

She left this wonderful city for college in Los Angeles at USC, but quickly moved back when she graduated and realized the PNW is really the Pacific NorthBEST. She's a little obsessed and will defend this city to the death (it doesn't actually rain that much here! Chicago and NYC get more than us each year! Geez).

Outside of Refined, her passions are kids and animals - she's a proud godmother to one Kai William, and spends ridiculous amounts of time with her pup Bella. She lives with her sister/BFF, whom she uses her frequently as a Refined Guinea Pig for stories (love you Mar!)

When Britt isn't talking or typing, she's probably watching Law and Order: SVU, dancing to 90s hip-hop, or hauling away at Ian Fitness.