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Candice McMillan

Film Reviewer

Candice is a film and pop culture junkie who also likes to write. She’s known as the girl who isn’t afraid to go to the theater alone and yearns for the next great horror film; her favorite movie is Dario Argento’s masterpiece Suspiria.

Raised in Irvine, California, Candice graduated from the University of Southern California with degrees in Journalism and Film Critical Studies. She relocated to Seattle from Los Angeles via Minneapolis and is starting to fall in love with the PNW’s gloomy weather.

She’s been writing about film for nearly a decade and has covered red carpets, junkets and most major festivals. The greatest moment of her life still remains the time she spent twenty minutes tête-à-tête with film critic god, Roger Ebert (post-jaw cancer; they communicated via hand gestures and his very in-tune nurse).

When not seeing or discussing the latest flicks, Candice is a full-time mom to daughter Beau and dog-daughter Daisy. In all the free time she doesn’t have, she is an avid reader of predominantly Stephen King, a reformed travel addict kept grounded by aforementioned dependent, and a self-educated donut connoisseur.