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Party of 3: Sitting down to lunch with Seattle's Rock 'n Roll Royalty

"So over here is an actual piece of the wall from our original office space," says Megan Jasper. "We remembered there was a spot right next to the front desk where Kurt Cobain actually wrote his address in Olympia."

You can find artifacts from Seattle's rock and roll history all over Sub Pop Records.

Nirvana's lead singer spray-painted this framed chunk of plaster.

"So he [Cobain] said I'm just gonna write it on the wall and then you won't you guys can't lose it," Jasper smiles at the memory. "Nirvana ended up growing and becoming something that was unfathomably huge."

Also huge - the Sub Pop Records label where Megan Jasper began her career in 1989.

"I started as an intern, and I packaged records and sent them to college radio stations."

Soon she was promoted to receptionist. "I juggled at that time five lines which felt like a sh*toad. But really five lines were not so bad but the lines kept growing the longer we stayed in business which was so crazy at the time."

The 1990's were an exciting time. Sub Pop signed bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden and Mudhoney... and then they shared that new 'grunge sound' with the world.

"Music gave me a community," remembers Jasper. At one point, Sub Pop laid Jasper off. But she continued to pay her dues in the music industry. Then years later, they asked her to come back for a different job.

"I went from intern to CEO. I was so happy to come home. It felt great," says Japser, smiling. "I've had such the good fortune of meeting so many people that are so inspiring and incredible and smart. I think Seattle has a lot of them and I get to have lunch with two of those people today and that's even better."

Megan Jasper's lunch dates: John Richards from KEXP, one of the most influential radio stations in the world. And John Roderick, former member of Seattle sensation 'Harvey Danger' and now the lead singer of 'The Long Winters.'

"I'm super excited to see them. So John Richards I see fairly regularly, because I'm running over to KEXP often. John Roderick I haven't seen for a super long time and I'm excited to catch up with him. They are two of my favorite goof balls that live in Seattle."

The party started when Megan Jasper's ReachNow ride showed up to take her to The Ruins. It's a charming private dining club and event space in Seattle's Queen Anne Neighborhood where the friends sat down to talk about the Seattle music scene then and now.

The friends started reminiscing about their favorite rock and roll moments.

"Crazy rock and roll moments... I've been there for some of your crazy rock and roll moments," says Roderick laughing. John Edwards jokes, " Which stage did I jump off of?"

"One was the Sub Pop Anniversary when we were on top of the Space Needle," recalls Edwards. "So when you find yourself doing live radio and the first music performances to ever happen Mudhoney on the Space Needle. You have Mudhoney. You have Sub Pop Records, and you have KEXP. It was just like a cliché of everything Seattle."

"That reminds me it's not my story it's the story from my husband, Brian," recalls Japser. He was living in West Seattle loves music, loves all the bands that were huge at the time Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam. He's walking along Alki and he sees two cyclists coming towards him. One Is Chris Cornell and the other is Eddie Vedder. Can you imagine just being like a music fan?"

"That's what I thought happened all the time," chuckles Roderick.

As the trio enjoyed their lunch. They discussed life after grunge.

"What was going on at that time was this transition," explains Richards. "You had this lull. You had all these bands that had moved here and failed. Then out of this grunge dark period you had this pop bands you had Harvey Danger Death Cab for Cutie Built to Spill was making splashes over here."

"The other thing was happening what saved it, were some really upbeat like suddenly some happy music," muses Edwards. "Presidents of the United States of America" is my example.

"That felt like life after grunge for me," says Jasper. "It felt like everything had burned down and was depressing and heavy, and brutal and then all of the sudden there was this light music that was quirky and interesting and totally different."

The friends finished their meal by sharing what they're excited about now, starting with John Roderick's podcast 'Omnibus.' It's a project he does with prolific Jeopardy show winner Ken Jennings.

"I'm also introduced as John Roderick of The Long Winters has a podcast. I think what it is- it posits me as the cool one. Because Ken Jennings is like the coolest nerdy Mormon quiz show winner you've ever met, and I'm a pretty nerdy cool dude and somehow that is those are the hemispheres."

"We are always listening to new music and I would say like right now one of my favorite artists is Kyle Craft from Portland I love Kyle's music," states Jasper. "I think that that may be one of the albums of the year," agrees Edwards.

"How about a cheers to music and the role that it's played in all of our lives?' asks Jasper.

The three rock and roll legends clink their glasses together and smile.

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