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Seattle Goodwill is your one-stop shop for Valentine's Day. From new themed gift items to furniture and decor, you'll love the great selection and budget friendly finds. Plus, they have everything you need to create the perfect romantic tablescape, including plates and glass votive holders that you can make DIY projects with. (Photo courtesy Seattle Goodwill)

You'll 'love' these budget friendly finds & DIY projects for Valentine's Day at Goodwill

Seattle Goodwill is your one stop shop for everything Valentine's Day. We caught up with DIY Guy Gary Foy to get the scoop on festive finds and fun craft projects.

You probably know that Goodwill has great budget friendly finds-- that includes some brand-new items too.

"We have all kinds of great stuff. We carry a little bit of new items with tags and we have a lot of décor, stuffed animals, you know just everything for Valentine's Day," said Foy.

And there's also the furniture. A red cabinet or chairs can add a lot of oomph to any room - and there are some serious steals and deals to be had.

"You know the best part about this as well is that we have sale days too," explained Foy. "So we've got 30% off, 50% off, we have $1.79 Mondays. And you know sometimes you'll come in a nice piece of furniture will be a buck seventy-nine!"

If setting a romantic Valentine's Day table in your goal, Goodwill has everything you need. From plates and chargers to candlesticks, candles, tablecloths and table runners.

Foy showed us some easy and fun DIY projects to make the table extra special.

Heart Votive Holders

  • Supplies: glass votive holders (available at Goodwill), heart cutouts, gems, scissors, glue gun and glue stick, ribbon, and Mod Podge


  1. Apply spots of Mod Podge to the glass votive.
  2. Add hearts on top.
  3. Let it dry.
  4. Tie a ribbon on.
  5. Add a dot of hot glue on the bow and add a gem.
  6. Place a votive inside.

Hand Decorated Plates

  • Supplies: plates (available at Goodwill), rubber stamps and metallic pens


  1. Color the rubber stamp with the metallic ink.
  2. Stamp on plate.
  3. Add designs around the rim with metallic ink.
  4. Let dry.