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This is one of the easiest gifts that’s still unique. It’s especially good for the tween in your life who’s impossible to shop for or if your neighbor has an awesome outdoor patio. (Image: CostPlus World Market)

Yes, you can DIY even if you're terribly uncrafty

I have never been one to enjoy arts and crafts and am so very far from a Suzy-homemaker type. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love adorable trinkets and cute decoration or gift ideas for the home. This has become a skill I admire in people when I encounter adorable centerpieces or unique simple gifts that are great for everyone. This holiday season, I’m challenging us non-crafty Satellites to embrace our creative side with these following gift options!

Personalize a wine glass, jewelry holder, or any type of glass. Make personalized adorable jewelry dishes for each of your friends/family. Using a Silhouette Glass Etching Starter Kit, you can print off any initials, design, or pattern from the computer and etch it only almost any glass surface. The best part is that there is no freehand writing or drawing necessary so it’s really hard to mess this one up. Get the kit for around $20 on Amazon and impress people when you say, “I made this for you."

Picture Frame with Monogram
Why give a boring old picture when you could make it even more special by placing the frame on a piece or reclaimed wood with a personalized initial. This is perfect for a wedding present too! Buy a 1x12 4 ft board and cut it in half for two 2 ft. pieces. Lightly brush on coat of wood stain on the board. After it dries, grab a wood or plastic initial (find at hobby lobby, target, most craft stores) and use gorilla glue to adhere it to the bottom of the stained wood board. Put a screw on the top of the board to hang the frame and you’re done! For more detailed instructions, click here.

Cozy Sports Blanket
Go to a craft store and pick out your desired team or cute pattern in fleece material. Cut out your desired size and either sew one single stitch around the perimeter so it doesn’t fray or if sewing is out of the question, cut the second piece with a plain color and cut slits around both perimeters about an inch wide. Place the pieces of fabric on top of each other start tying the outer pieces together in knots. You’re left with a double layered cozy blanket for any occasion!

If you’re as un-crafty as I am and the above projects are still too much work for youtry these even easier options.

Edison Light String
This is one of the easiest gifts that’s still unique. It’s especially good for the tween in your life who’s impossible to shop for or if your neighbor has an awesome outdoor patio. A string of Edison lights adds a funky and classy edge to a bedroom, studio, or outdoor area. My personal favorite is from CostPlus World Market and keep an eye out for sale pricing. With their soft lighting, choose a 10 or 30ft option, depending on what they’ll be using it for and see their faces light up from this perfect multi-purpose gift.

Experience-based/Membership Gifts
Don’t know what to get your sister-law or want to combine your parents into one gift? Try a wine or cheese of the month club for the gift that keeps giving! Then every month when that fresh bottle of wine arrives, the recipient will have no choice but to be continually grateful. Check out the countless wineries in Woodinville that offer memberships.

Another great (and last minute) gift option is a night away for the favorite couple in your life. If your parents are on the Eastside, buy them a night in the city at a boutique hotel like Alexis or the Inn at the Market.

So surprise your loved ones and embrace your inner craftiness or grab a unique gift to get a jump start on all your holiday shopping. Either way, these presents will not disappoint!