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Workout Week: SoulCycle

Welcome to Seattle Refined Workout Week! This week we are trying a new boutique workout every day, and we're being filmed doing it (see video above). With so many gyms and classes popping up left and right in this wonderful city of ours, it can be incredibly intimidating to actually walk in and try them. So...we did it for you! Editor Britt Thorson and writer Gena Wynkoop are heading to Orangetheory, Pure Barre, Ian Fitness and SoulCycle this week; and as long as you promise not to judge their sweatiness, they promise to tell you honestly how they felt about each workout!


It's been QUITE the ride - pun intended as we finish up our Refined Workout Week with the newest addition to the Seattle metro scene - SoulCycle! You've heard of it, all the celebs you know do it, but it has never ventured up to the PNW before now. Their first studio herein Washington state just opened last month in Bellevue, and cycling folks around here are PUMPED to try it out. Gena was taken with that horrible flu that's been going around, so Britt was on her own for the last workout.


I have been doing FlyWheel (a similar cycling class) here in Seattle for the past couple months and loved it - so I was really really excited to try out SoulCycle. Anyone who has Instagram knows that it's THE premier cycling studio in the country (heck, our DC Refined friends even ran into Mobama there)!. The same things I loved about Flywheel I loved about SoulCycle; the dark room, pumping music, and encouragement to stick to the beat. I honestly felt like I was dancing in a nightclub, just on a bike.

We'll go further into the specific differences between Flywheel and SoulCycle in an upcoming article, but right off the bat I noticed the SoulCycle doesn't have the stats on the bike, or up on a screen in front of the class like Flywheel does. Depending on who you are and how you motivate yourself, this could be good or bad! I was so used to Flywheel that I found myself constantly glancing down at where my stats were supposed to be, but once I got in the groove of just focusing on my instructor Earl and the playlist it was kind of relieving to not have to entirely hold yourself accountable every moment of the class. Earl's music selection was also on point, and even though there was something a little Stepford-y about looking around at all the bobbing heads in unison - once you let yourself go and just feel the feels amazing.



SoulCycle is located at 10470 NE 4th Street in Bellevue WA. If you're new, the first class is $20, or five classes for $135, 10 for $260, etc. etc.

*Gena was sick and slept through this workout, leaving allllll the work to poor Britt.