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Workout Week: Orangetheory

Welcome to Seattle Refined Workout Week! This week we are trying a new boutique workout every day, and we're being filmed doing it (see video above). With so many gyms and classes popping up left and right in this wonderful city of ours, it can be incredibly intimidating to actually walk in and try them. So...we did it for you! Editor Britt Thorson and writer Gena Wynkoop are heading to Orangetheory, Pure Barre, Ian Fitness and SoulCycle this week; and as long as you promise not to judge their sweatiness, they promise to tell you honestly how they felt about each workout!

First up, Orangetheory. What started as a single studio in Belltown in 2014 has now turned into 11 gyms from Queen Anne to Everett to Maple Valley. The idea behind their interval training is heart-rate-based; you want to hit the Orange Zone for as many individual minutes during the hour-long class. The Orange Zone is the body's target zone for stimulating metabolism and increasing energy. The more time you spend in the Orange, the more you burn. Orangetheory claims that members burn an estimated 500 to 1,000 calories in 60 minutes.


I was incredibly nervous to do this workout! Several friends of mine, including Gena and our producer Jenna, swear by Orangetheory. When something is literally called "The Best One-Hour Workout In The Country", you know it's going to kick butt. And let me tell you - it did. I spent the first half of the class doing floor work, which including weights, jumping and rowing. I felt pretty confident in all the moves at the beginning, but my legs were burning by the end of the floor portion. So you can imagine my terror when I switched to the second half of the class, which is all on the treadmill. I loathe running, and running on a treadmill is like pulling teeth. Layer those feelings on top of legs that are jelly, I crashed hard during this part. Oh well! I still felt like I had a butt-kicking workout at the end of it, so I was excited to see my Orange Zone Points! Mallory our coach told us the goal is to be in the Orange for a minimum of 12 minutes per workout - and I was sure I BLEW past that. Nope, I only did 8 minutes. How could that be possible? You can't fake that sweat, folks. It was a bummer to feel like the entire workout was a loss seeing those numbers at the end, but Mallory promised that it would get better the more I did. All in all, I liked Orangetheory - it made me take a long hard look at how much I was really working when I exercise.,


I truly am a HUGE fan of Orangetheory. I have been going for about a year now and instead of being bored of the workouts, I know every time I walk into the gym, the workout is guaranteed to be new and different every single day. Oh and not to mention, it will KICK. YOUR. A$$. Yes, it’s really tough and yes, it can be a bit intimidating, BUT it can be tailored to ANY fitness level. No joke, ya’ll. If you want to walk - you can! And even better, your trainer will let you know how you can maximize your fat burning zone, by utilizing the incline levels on the treadmill. I think the thing I love about it the most is that you are in charge of your workout, whether you want to take it a bit easier one day or are feeling ready to push it to the next level. What gets my butt off the couch and onto a treadmill is the relationships that I have developed with the trainers, the loud music, and the fast pace of the workout. An hour long class feels like no time at all when you are moving and shaking.

Orangetheory has locations in Belltown, Capitol Hill, lower Queen Anne, Mercer Island, Ballard, U District, Shoreline, Redmond, Bothell, Mill Creek and Maple Valley. Memberships start at around $100 a month.