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Workout Week: IanFitness

Welcome to Seattle Refined Workout Week! This week we are trying a new boutique workout every day, and we're being filmed doing it (see video above). With so many gyms and classes popping up left and right in this wonderful city of ours, it can be incredibly intimidating to actually walk in and try them. So...we did it for you! Editor Britt Thorson and writer Gena Wynkoop are heading to Orangetheory, Pure Barre, Ian Fitness and SoulCycle this week; and as long as you promise not to judge their sweatiness, they promise to tell you honestly how they felt about each workout!

Anyone sore or is it just us?? After Orangetheory and Pure Barre, we could barely drag ourselves out of bed to try IanFitness. But BOY are we glad we did.


If you've been watching this Workout Week, you probably have noticed that the way I determine which workout I like and which workout I don't is by the class's ability to make me FORGET that I'm working out. It's a hard ask, but IanFitness delivered. I literally walked into this workout knowing absolutely nothing. I had seen their Facebook ads pop up on my timeline before, but other than that - nada. And I walked out of the class 45 minutes later loving it more than any other class. I'll put it this way, after Workout Week was all over I only signed up for one of the gyms - and that was IanFitness.

Let me try to explain. Often times in classes I feel inundated by the amount of people around me. I know they're not all looking at me, but when we're all doing the same movement together at the same time - I feel like a robot, and I'm unable to keep myself from comparing my poses, movement, looks, etc. to others. What I loved about IanFitness was that even though you're in a room with a ton of other people, you're all in your own world doing something different. The stations are constantly rotating, so it doesn't feel like all the focus is on you all the time. And the folks in the class look like NORMAL HUMANS. All ages, all genders, all skills. Some of the other classes we've been in have been packed with model/ballerina types that feel unrealistic and unattainable.

Final thought: you can really do anything for 30 seconds. For me, focusing on that short deadline helped me zip through the workout. By the time we were done, I thought it had all been 30 minutes - but it had really been 45. NEVER IN THE HISTORY OF WORKING OUT HAS THAT HAPPENED TO ME. Ever. So; I drank Ian's koolaid....I'm officially signed up.


Where to start. This is such a fun workout. I have to say, it gave Orangetheory a run for its money. It was so fast paced and up tempo that the workout FLEW by. When Trainer Jill called the workout off I was honestly shocked. There was no way it could be over that quickly! But indeed it was, and it was an enjoyable experience. I was a bit skeptical going in. I had never heard of IanFitness before and I imagined that it was a CrossFit gym. I have done CrossFit in the past and it was not for me, so to be frank I wasn’t looking forward to it.

When we first walked in the door, something that was noticeably unique about IanFitness was the community feel. Before the workout even started, the clients seemed like they had known each other for years. Everyone was cheering for each other; people were laughing – how can people possibly be laughing knowing that their butts are about to get kicked to high heaven?!

But as we started to work out, I quickly discovered why the chipper attitude. Jill was AWESOME. She was so encouraging and motivating. I wish I could put Jill in my pocket and bring her around my everyday life. When it came to the workout – the tempo is where it won me over. Each movement is about 30 seconds each (give or take) but it is non-stop. You don’t have time to evaluate how tired you are, you kind of just keep going. The music is great, the energy is great, the people were great, and I left feeling like I had had an even better workout. Out of every workout, IanFitness was probably tied for first with Orangetheory.

I would highly recommend this workout for anyone who isn’t the biggest fan of group fitness classes. The community aspect will make getting to class and easy task. IanFitness has accurately mastered the art of circuit training and I am looking forward to going back!

IanFitness has seven locations in the greater Seattle area: Magnolia, Capitol Hill, Queen Anne, West Seattle, University District, Greenlake and Normandy Park. They always have deals going on, but the base prices are $169 for a 6-month commitment or $149 for a 12-month commitment.